New to the iPhone App: Reviews, Tips, and In-App Notifications

We’re kicking March off (okay, six days late) with some new features. We know you’re busy, so we’ll get right to it:


ImageRate and review your lunch

When you revisit the app after your order, you’ll be prompted to give us your thoughts. Just a reminder that, like the website, our food team reviews all the comments and ratings submitted and makes tweaks with our restaurant partners to improve dishes. That five-star review you just submitted? That gets shared as well :).

ImageFind your food on the go with in-app notifications

When you’re headed straight from a meeting to the lunchroom, you can now check to see where your food is directly within the app. For our members with the rack system in their office, this will make it much easier for you to know the location of your food without having to check emails. Beat your coworkers to the punch… er… lunch!

ImageTip your delivery rep during checkout

To show a little love to your delivery rep, you can now add on a tip during checkout, right through the app. We’ve provided some typical amounts that you might opt to use, but you can put any amount and we’ll be sure it gets to your driver. And on behalf of all of our reps, they say thanks for making their day!

Need the latest version? Download it here.

Have feedback about the app? Let us know at

2 thoughts on “New to the iPhone App: Reviews, Tips, and In-App Notifications

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  2. Hi, we order a number of lunches (about $1000 worth) per day and we’re wondering whether we should be tipping. On one site, it says that no tip is required, as people are paid reasonably. Another place says you can “optionally provide a tip”. What is reasonable? This isn’t a full service dinner experience, which is normally 18%, it’s not even a buffet where one might leave a few percent. But there is driving, which is different — we tip pizza delivery, for example. Please provide perspective.


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