Longevity, prosperity, and of course, dumplings!

We love a holiday that requires us to eat good food to get good fortune. And 15 days of it? We're up for the challenge. The Year of the Horse is now upon us, and that means it's time to renew our resources of wealth, luck, and longevity to get us through what looks to be a year with its own staying power.

Eat these to stay lucky this year:

Long noodles: The longer the noodle, the longer your life.

Dumplings: Wrap them in the shape of an old silver ingot (ancient currency) to bring prosperity.

Whole fish: Head and tail should be served intact to avoid bad luck throughout the year.

Leafy greens and long beans: Wish your parents a long life with whole, leafy greens at the table.

Tangerines and pomelos: Find tangerines with leaves for luck and longevity, and pomelos for prosperity and status.

Sweets: Enjoy some cake or candy (life is hard, we know) for a sweet life.